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Dr. K.S. Rao, M.V.Sc.; Ph. D; DABT

Preclinical Consultant

Dr. K.S. Rao (KS) is a Board-Certified Toxicologist with more than 40 + years of global experience in safety evaluation. Started his career in 1971 at G.D. Searle and later moved to Dow Chemical and Quintiles, USA. He is an international expert in the toxicological assessment of Agrochemicals, Industrial Chemicals (REACH), Drug Development (small and large molecules) from Discovery Toxicology to IND and NDA filing, Food Additives, Nutraceuticals, Vaccines, Medical Devices and Cosmetic Ingredients. 


Dr. Rao has been providing guidance on product development to hundreds of companies across the world with major emphasis on testing schemes/strategies and Risk Assessment. He is an Emeritus Member of the Society of Toxicology (SOT) in USA. Dr. Rao is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement award from the Society of Toxicology of India (STOX) for his outstanding contributions in Toxicology.  Dr. Rao is the recipient of the Toxicologist Mentor Award from the Society of Toxicology (SOT). 

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