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Rapid Solutions to Viral Diseases

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Our Mission

Viral diseases represent a serious health threat, exemplified by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, viral diseases, such as Dengue, West Nile, and Zika fevers exact a particularly significant toll in the developing world. Relying on two decades of academic research results, ViroBlock plans to target and exploit a particular vulnerability in the viruses that cause these diseases: ion channels. Channels are critical components of the pathogen that enable it to regulate its salinity and acidity. Consequently, inhibiting such channels is a promising and validated route to curb viral infectivity. In particular, ViroBlock developed rapid screening approaches that can identify inhibitors from thousands of chemicals in a matter of weeks. Finally, ViroBlock's technology can accurately predict the virus's resistance options against any inhibitor it finds without any medical hazard. 

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Our Innovative Technology

ViroBlock's technology is based on its ability to inhibit viral ion channels - a particular vulnerability of the pathogen. Using proprietary genetic selections set in bacteria, ViroBlock can identify new channels and inhibitors against said channels. Such inhibitors may serve as antiviral drugs since they block an essential component in the virus. Finally, ViroBlock can determine the virus's resistance potential against any inhibitor it developed, thereby preempting its rapid evolutionary strategy.

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Our Team


Prof. Isaiah Arkin

Founder and CEO


Dr. Hadar Ron

Chairperson of the Board


Prof. Roger Kornberg

Head of Scientific Advisory Board


Dr. K.S. Rao

Preclinical Consultant

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